Tech Info (for sad people :)

If you're reading this, then you need a life! :D

Ah well, I suppose some might be interested, so here's the lowdown:

The photos were scanned using a Microtek scanner (not a particularly good one) attatched to a PowerPC Mac. The TIF files were then transferred to my office machine. I used Open Inventor to create the 3D DHS logo (three spotlights on a SoText node) and snapshot to capture the final logo image. I used imgworks, iblend and imgview to overlay the 3D logo onto the scanned images (the logo is 'equalised' to create a white mask image; iblend uses this mask along with the logo to ensure that the background is still visible behind the logo in the final combined image). I used xv to crop and convert the images to final JPG format and to create the small button images. The panorama images were done using imgview and xv. The odd blemish on a picture (usually caused by my writing numbers on the back of the picture above :) was removed with imged.

That's it! Now go away and play Doom or something. :D