My Visit to the USA.

(The Flight Over)

The pictures shown below were taken out of the airplane window; many have come out very well indeed, especially those taken over Greenland and Canada. The plane was generally about 6 miles up when the pics were taken.

[Clouds from
34000ft] (733x552 111K JPG) I left from Gatwick Airport in London in the early hours of October 6th. This was my first venture outside the UK and my first time on an aircraft so I was looking forward to the journey! The takeoff was great - next time, I'll take a video camera. This shot is from about 34000ft looking out the window over the Atlantic (thankfully, the glass was quite clean, so these pics have come out well).

[Glacier Left] [Glacier Mid] [Glacier Right] The three full size pics are all JPGs: 811x849 (125K), 810x552 (160K), 810x544 (164K). The route to the USA is more or less North West, cutting over Greenland and heading towards the East coast of Canada. Remember: because the journey is over a curved surface, heading West from the UK is not the fastest route. These shots are of a glacier I spotted whilst the plane was over Greenland, from about 33000ft. Wow, all those school geography lessons actually make sense now... :D

[Canadian Coast] (810x552 146K JPG) This shot is of the Canadian coastline. Or is it Quebec? I'll have to check a map... I'd talked to the person sitting next to me a fair bit by this time. She told me that almost no one lived in this part of the continent. The landscape appeared to broken up by vast numbers of lakes.

Wastelands 1] (541x810 125K JPG) This is inland Canada, about an hour after crossing the coastline - a very desolate landscape. I like this picture because this kind of terrain simply doesn't exist in Europe, at least not as far as I know. I'd like to know what the land is actually like - rock? marsh? what? Anyone know?

Wastelands 2] (810x546 124K JPG) This shot isn't as clear as the others as the plane was turning into the Sun a bit. Even so, it shows the 'fractured' appearance of the land quite well. There were thousands of lakes visible for miles. What a place! The lady next to me said that the white streak visible in the picture (lower left to upper right) is the main Canadian oil pipeline. She said that the workers out there get paid a fortune because they are so far away from their families and 'civilisation'. I should say that this scenery went on for at least an hour, perhaps 2 or more, so it must cover a vast area.